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i suffer from dysania. any cure? i really need help.
asked Mar 10, 2010 by triuser (13,157 points)

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the easiest thing to cure dysania would be to love a activity and do it as one of the first thing out of bed.
answered Mar 10, 2010 by trianswer (334,515 points)
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I know how you feel but it might help if you find a reason to get out of bed. When I am like that I sometimes think that as lovely as dreaming and sleeping is -there's plenty of time to do that when I die and the one thing we cant get back is time...
answered Jul 16, 2010 by trianswer (334,515 points)
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just think of your activities that ur goin to do today and get excited..that will keep u out of bed :) cause thats what i do
answered Apr 24, 2011 by solved_answers (19,718 points)
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answered Nov 5, 2015 by triuser (13,157 points)
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There are conditions which a great deal of people suffer across the globe but there are also those which hardly attacks anyone. Dysania is one such condition and it is also known as Clinomania. Even though the term Dysania may sound very unusual it is actually that condition which makes it almost practically impossible to get out of bed. You could have set your watch to wake up at 5 a.m. to go for work but you struggle hard to abide. That is not the only scenario because it could happened during weekends too when you are not going for work at that time but it even reaches passed the time by several hours but you can’t wake up again. You just want to stay intact in your bed without getting up.

Your question now is whether there is Dysania cure or not. If you are a sufferer of Clinomania you will be an addict to your own bed and this will compromise the quality of your life because you will not attend to your responsibilities. It is always known that conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression may force you to be in bed but not out of your will. What makes Dysania different is that it makes you obsessed to your bed. You no longer care about the consequences of oversleeping even if it compromises the quality of your life.

If you feel that you are suffering from this condition as explained above, it is about that time you should find an effective Dysania cure that will work for you. It can be combated by making use of serotonin supplements which can inform your brain what to do at what time. It does influence the way your brain and this is often referred to as the chemical option of curing Clinomania. The other option is to train yourself to do something which will keep you out of bed at scheduled time. For example, your body should be used to the gym at exactly 5’ocklock when you wake up.How about setting the alarm tone to be your favorite gym song?

The last but not the least Dysania cure is to consult your personal doctor for further advice
answered Nov 29, 2015 by trianswer (334,515 points)
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I am facing the same sickness since last 5 years ago. I know how badly you wanted to help yourself. It is a good thing when you realized that you're suffering from dysania then anyone could notice it. Usually, dysania occurs cause of depression. You feel of losing an excitement to carry on your daily routine.

I refused to go for any counselling cause I know I can help myself than anyone. Based on my own experience, it is not easy but it is worth to help your own self cause nobody can help you except 'you'. At first, I choose not to eat any drugs to help me. Most of the therapist will suggest you these easier ways. Don't! For long run it can give you side effects or you might depend on it. Focus on healing yourself in a natural way. First, you have to tell yourself "you need to help yourself to get up". Set an alarm 1 hour earlier or 2 hours earlier.

Try to sleep early, so you can get enough sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Nobody can really understand how you feeling this way except people who face the same dysania like you do. I understand how badly you need someone to help you to get up, it feels like you lose motivation and you feel to be in bed is more comfortable than any places. Try to set your goal in life, it is ok to create life goals whenever you think you need to adjust something about your life. When you have a life direction it will help you to get excitement to get it, if possible your life goal is "to yourself". Your happiness not in anyone else's hand, it's on you. Try to love yourself, put yourself first than anyone else first. Feel a little pity for yourself, enough be so hard to yourself forgive you. This the remedy.

Last 5 years ago I slept almost 13 hours or more every day until my ex GF gave up on me, I lost my job and finally she dumped me. I was suffering for dysania until last 2 years ago. One day I seek for help, same like you did. But nobody can really understand it well than me. So I try to find a way, I struggle for 17 months to put myself together. Usually, there's a major reason that "kill inner self", until you lose all your excitement in life that makes you not to get up, you feel the dream is better than staying awake. At this point, you missed many things in life. You losing a great time and many things that you need to fix and hard to give an attention to people who needing you. If this continues to happen, you going to put yourself in trouble.

Life has to go on. Like I said nobody can help you except "you". Stop feeling depressed, sometimes you are the bigger  enemy to yourselves. Before you ever make the first step, whenever you feel demotivated. You have to find a way to motivate yourself. Control your emotion.  You need to change this, by doing exercise as your daily routine it really can help you to carry your daily routine. Not just you'll feel good about yourself but it helps to make your life healthier.

Try not to take any alcohol, sweet stuff or too much caffeine. You need to have a discipline. I trained myself to get up every day at 6.30am to jog for an hour before going work. I write a new goal in my life, it never is late. Make sure your goal is about you. My goal is to get my Doctorate and I have to make sure I'll get it. That's a reason I get up every day. For almost 3 years now I helping myself in natural ways, no drugs were taken but just motivation to help me to make it better. Every time I feel demotivated, I will find a motivation video to boost myself mood.

Once a month I go for a vacation alone to places I never been, it's good to get a little break and treat yourself well. When you feel lonely, call whoever you feel like to talk to. Keep in touch with your surrounding, don't be a hermit. Enjoy see sunset or sunrise, you will feel grateful for still be alive. When you feel lonely is not the biggest problem, it just a feeling that you can ignore and do something you like by yourself. You at your freedom, how good life to offer. Sometimes it is good to have a "Me time" at least 1 hour everyday. Get out from your house and go explore the world. So many great things to do. Take it step by step. Focus on your daily progress. Forget whatever that hurts you. Life is too short. So waste it wisely. I hope this can help you, my friend. Get up, go get what you want. Don't let it "kill you slowly", you have to help yourself. Now I get what I dream, I finished my study, I met someone new and I having my own business. I talked based on my experience. So, it is not too late to do the very best things for yourself now. May god bless you! Go get it, Tiger!
answered May 29, 2016 by Soulfly (134 points)
Hey very good answer.
Even I am suffering from same decease and I will try to improve.
First thing is that I am not able to sleep before 12:30 regardless how hard I try to sleep. So I will have to find ways to sleep around 11:00 O'clock.

Second I will join some Gym at 6:00 O'clock in the morning.

Thanks a lot.
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maybe it is useful to won't sleep in your bed. sleep in somewhere else.
answered Jul 11, 2016 by salma (134 points)
another reasons:
- lack of vitamins especially D
and go to bed early
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Its normal you don't have to think about it too much ,it happens with everyone ,doing work late night  or wake for no reason is the main reason ,but there is a cure for it massage your hair with almond oil also wet your ear holes with the almond oil ,that's it!!!
answered Sep 3, 2016 by hunni (132 points)

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