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can anyone tell me if i will be able to connect to the web and android market/android apps by using GPRS on android phones or 3G is a must??
asked Oct 11, 2010 by triuser (1,765 points)

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you can use GPRS too , check this tutorial url://
answered Oct 11, 2010 by trianswer (22,754 points)
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Yes if you will able toconnect to the and andord market /andord apps by using on GPRS on andord phones or  is must. Because it must need to do this work.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
answered Nov 28, 2010 by trianswer (22,754 points)
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yes you must need it. because without it is impossiblle to you do that work                                                                          
answered Jan 28, 2011 by trianswer (22,754 points)
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Absolutely you can.All you have to have is the GPRS settings(even 3g if your phone supports) saved on your phone.
answered Feb 9, 2011 by trianswer (22,754 points)