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How to fix Unknown error -24 during application install?
asked May 28, 2016 by goodread (25,323 points)

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Whichever application you are downloading Whatsapp or Facebook for android you can get an error -24.The download part goes on fine but when the application tries to install you get -24 error.Easy way to fix the error -24 is :

  1. Open the file explorer like ES File explorer or solid explorer - Check out the best file explorer for android
  2. Go to system root and then go to data folder
  3. In the data folder find data folder again and enter
  4. When you are inside the data folder you can see all the app folders like and
  5. Find the app folder which gave you the error
  6. Let's say for example WhatsApp so the name of the folder you have to look for should be com.*.whatsapp.Delete the folder and try to download the app again from install
answered May 28, 2016 by triuser (13,157 points)