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How To Connect a PS3 Controller to Your Android Phone or Tablet?
asked May 15, 2016 by triuser (13,157 points)

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So you have a few PS3 controllers lying around, maybe you borrowed from your friend, or your PS3 has broken down. You do not need a PS3 to make use of your controllers. You will learn today how to pair your PS3 controller to your Android phone or tablet using two of the following methods.

The first method to connect PS3 controller to Android phone is by using an OTG / On The Go Cable USB cable.

Here is what you will need:

  • An Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • Your PS3 Controller / Playstation 3 Bluetooth controller with USB charging cable
  • An OTG / On The Go cable
  • SixAxis Controller app
  1. First, connect the USB charging cable to the PS3 controller that you will use to charge up your controller, 
  2. You will need to plug the USB cable into the OTG cable and hook the other end of the OTG cable to the phone.
  3. Next, check the compatibility of your phone with the SixAxis Compatibility Checker app. 
  4. Then you need the SixAxis Controller where you need to pair your device with the pair controller option. The app should find your Bluetooth address; 
  5. You will start pairing by clicking on the start button, click on change IME and choose SixAxis Controller to change. Then go ahead and unplug all the cables.
  6. Now turn on your PS3 controller, you will notice one light on your controller is on, that means you are ready to go.

The second method to connect PS3 controller to Android phone without an OTG cable.

  • Connect the controller to your phone, start the SixAxis Compatibility Checker app and click on start. You will get a master address.
  • Now connect your controller to the computer, you will need the SixAxis Pair Tool on your computer and the master address. 
    • Run the SixAxis Pair Tool, 
    • enter the master address in the change master space provided and 
    • Click update
    • Now you can disconnect your controller from the computer.
  • Connect the controller to your phone, run the SixAxis Compatibility Checker. 
    • Click on start, then click the PS3 button, the controller should pair automatically showing you a success message on your phone.
answered May 15, 2016 by goodread (25,323 points)
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The Sixaxis Compatibility Checker  allows you to check whether your android phone is compatible with the PS3 controllers before purchasing the full application on Google Play.

Sixaxis Controller app allows you to use the PS3 controllers in many of your favourite Android games and applications:
answered May 15, 2016 by goodread (25,323 points)

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