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Useful Android Apps for Businesses

asked Nov 21, 2015 by triuser (13,157 points)

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When smartphones were born, mobile devices are no longer the simple voice communication devices you have ever thought of. Today, mobile devices were reformed into personal, portable mini-computers. Smartphones are powered by mobile operating systems, which include Windows, BlackBerry, iOS or Android. Due to this, they have made such devices possible for you to work while you’re on the go. The largest beneficiary has been the business industry, comprising of small, medium-sized, and large businesses. Android also holds the biggest market share when it comes to OS domain and being utilized by many businesses.

There are tons of useful Android apps that you can use not just to boost your productivity, but also to have an indispensable assistant. Below are some of the useful Android apps for businesses:

  • Mailbox

Mailbox is an app for times when you like to view mails later but never want to waste time searching it from a cluttered mailbox. You may snooze the mails on the Mailbox app with just a swipe to view them later at your preferred time.

  • QuickBooks

It is an accounting tool that’s more like a mobile companion app. QuickBooks also help you track sales, review recent payments, and send invoices. You also have to buy subscription to utilize the app.

  • Sunrise

This is a free calendar app, which connects with some of your apps including Foursquare, Evernote, Facebook, Todoist, TripIt, Trello, and more so that you’re always in sync with the latest events around you.

  • Todoist

It’s an app that helps you handle your tasks the whole day. As a minimalistic service, this lets you create lists, assign tasks to colleagues, and list out the emails in tasks.

  • Talon

For businesses that use Twitter as part of their market, Talon may come in handy. This app allows you to personalize tweet and make them much efficient.

  • Slack

Slack’s utility allows you to stay in touch with your team easily without resorting to mails. You may also create some channels for project teams, tag users, and start a conversation, and much more.

  • BufferApp

It’s a scheduling app, which lets you to schedule all your activities on social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. It also posts on your behalf even while you’re asleep.

  • Google Translate

If you are always on a business travel and went to places where you don’t know the language, you can use Google Translate as your travel companion. This app allows you to convert text from a particular language to another. You can even take a snapshot of a sign, document or menu and let Google Translate obtain the meaning for you.

  • FolderSync

It allows you to sync your Android device with numbers of cloud services. You may also sync with SkyDrive, Dropbox,, and SugarSync.

  • Clean Master

It’s your cleaner, security app, and optimizer that will keep your smartphone clean. Clean Master is also responsible for operating your phone in a smooth manner.

There are other useful Android apps designed and developed for businesses. Depending on your needs, choose the one that suits you.

answered Nov 21, 2015 by trianswer (334,515 points)
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You work hard running your small business, so let your Android smartphone or tablet help you by downloading the right apps. Desktop PC apps keep you on top of things at the office, but why stay chained to your desk when you have a powerful computer right in your pocket?

1. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) 

2. Google Drive 

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

4. QuickBooks for Android

5. Square Register 

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answered Apr 12 by prachisara (130 points)

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