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How to activate exchange 2010?
asked Oct 11, 2010 by triuser (13,157 points)

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you installed the Office 2010, the product needs to be activated…for that open Word 2010 (or any product) and go to File, Help, then you will find the below image on your right side and click change product key, enter the correct product key and click continue…then press install…once it is done, close the program and re-open it…#
This guide will show you how to add a BlackBerry to a user from the Control Panel.
Applicable to
All SherWeb hosted Exchange 2010 accounts.

    * a SherWeb hosted Exchange 2010 account
    * a Blackberry device

How to

   1. Log into the Control Panel.
   2. Select the user for whom you wish to add a BlackBerry. Click on Activate, located in the BlackBerry section under Tasks.  @adam_right
answered Oct 16, 2010 by trianswer (334,515 points)