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What is the best photo printer?
asked May 1, 2011 by triuser (713 points)

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is the best printer ever@asktwitqa
answered May 1, 2011 by trianswer (22,580 points)
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PHOTO: Dedicated photo printers are usually very compact and target photo enthusiasts who want to be able to print on the go. They offer high quality photos and creative extras from any locations thanks to the invention of battery packs, Bluetooth, built-in card readers and – most importantly – ink-free print technology.@asktwitqa
answered May 1, 2011 by caoquocthi (102 points)
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The Epson PictureMate Charm consistently earns praise from reviewers for its superior photo quality, ease of use and low per-print cost (around 25 cents). Most reviewers also say this photo printer is speedy, taking around 42 seconds to print a single photo, but others report speeds closer to a minute per print.
answered May 2, 2011 by kes nicolas (6,746 points)

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