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How to reset cmos?
asked Dec 1, 2010 by triuser (1,754 points)

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  1. Enter CMOS setup, additional information about entering CMOS setup can be found on document CH000192.
   2. In CMOS setup look for an option to reset the CMOS values to the default setting or an option to load the fail-safe defaults. With many CMOS setup screens there will be a function key to do this; for example, the F5, F6, F9, F11, or F12 key like shown in the picture to the right. Other setups may actually list an option that you can arrow over to using the arrow keys and press Enter.
   3. When found and selected you'll likely be asked if you're sure you wish to load the defaults press Y for yes or arrow to the yes option.
   4. Once the default values have been set make sure to Save and Exit and not just exit.

Reset Configuration Data

In addition to restoring the system defaults if you've recently added new hardware or resetting the default values did not help resolve your boot issues you may also want to reset the configuration data. Note: Not all CMOS setup screens will have this feature.
answered Dec 1, 2010 by trianswer (22,754 points)

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