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What is the larynx?
asked Dec 15, 2010 by triuser (1,754 points)

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Larynx ix a part of your neck organ that allow you to speak
answered Dec 15, 2010 by trianswer (22,754 points)
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larynx is a part of our body that function as an airway to the lungs and providing us with the way in communication (vocalizing).
answered Dec 31, 2010 by trianswer (22,754 points)
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The larynx (plural larynges), commonly called the voice box, is an organ in the neck of mammals involved in protecting the trachea and sound production. It manipulates pitch and volume. The larynx houses the vocal folds, which are an essential component of phonation. The vocal folds are situated just below where the tract of the pharynx splits into the trachea and the esophagus.
answered Jan 4, 2011 by trianswer (22,754 points)
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Larynx is     a cartilaginous structure at the top of the trachea; contains elastic vocal cords that are the source of the vocal tone in speech
answered Jan 5, 2011 by trianswer (22,754 points)

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